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Taking Focused Pragmatic Action on Complex, Messy Challenges

You can take focused pragmatic action on the complex, messy challenges in your organisation (video with transcript).

29/04/20160 Comments

The Boggy Back-End

It’s not the ‘Fuzzy Front-End’ that cripples innovation in organisations, but the ‘Boggy Back-End’. Here’s how to address it in a focused, pragmatic way (video with transcript).

16/04/20160 Comments

Want Innovation? – First Stop Poisoning the Well…

About 25 years ago, as recognition spread that the world was becoming ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), the new business mantra became “Innovate or Die”. The logic for this was summed up at the time by General Electric’s CEO Jack Welch: “if the rate of change on the outside (of the organisation) […]

29/03/20160 Comments

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