Innovative + Agile = Survive & Thrive

As the world becomes ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous our organisations must readily, rapidly and repeatedly change direction to create new value in new ways – or risk being disrupted and displaced by those that do.

The top priority for forward-thinking organisations is how they can pull off a successful transformation that enables, empowers and engages everyone to build an innovative agile organisation fit to survive and thrive in this future.

The big challenge is achieving this cultural transformation in a realistic time frame whilst avoiding the huge costs and significant risk of failure traditionally associated with major change – all whilst continuing to deliver expected results.

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Building an Innovative Agile Organisation

Organisational Innovation

One-off innovations are easy enough to achieve simply by buying them in. But building an innovative agile organisation requires your people to consistently combine their different perspectives in ways that co-create new value.

Unless the culture enables, encourages and supports this combination of diversity these differences will interact in uniquely dysfunctional ways to stifle, smother and strangle innovation and agility.

"This Size Doesn't Fit Us..."

Traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ change methods won’t build you an innovative agile organisation - because they fail to focus precisely enough and deeply enough on shifting the mindsets of the key influencers that systemically affect everyone and everything else.

Without this leverage, creating a culture of innovation becomes a massively risky gamble - like trying to rebuild a plane flying at 30,000ft or a ship whilst at sea in a force ten gale.

Finding Your Unique Way

Just as innovation is about unique ways of creating new value, building an innovative agile organisation is a uniquely different journey for each organisation that's dictated by its specific capabilities, competences and constraints.

Interventions that fail to effectively leverage the organisation’s unique strengths will invariably end up reinforcing its weaknesses in ways that make innovation and agility impossible.

Taking Pragmatic Low Risk High Leverage Action

For more than 35 years I’ve helped organisations throughout Europe, Asia and the US take low risk, high leverage action to create unique cultures of innovation and become proactively agile.

My approach is based on enabling, encouraging and empowering people to achieve the widespread adoption of innovative mindsets that's the ultimate foundation on which all innovative agile organisations are built.

I help internal change agents and sponsoring executives make this happen by taking pragmatic, low risk, high leverage action at a manageable pace and in ways that are fully attuned to their unique, specific organisational reality.

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FREE Innovation & Agility Resources

Free downloads, videos and articles.