Do these symptoms of braking friction feel familiar..? 

Frustration that despite your best efforts to get moving, get ahead and stay ahead of competitors, progress is far too slow..?

Disappointment with 'big push' improvement interventions that end up producing little or no real long-term positive impact..?

Disillusioned with one-size-fits-all so-called 'best practice' methods and approaches that turn out to be 'this-size-doesn't-fit-us'..?

Discover how to eliminate Braking Friction in 20 minutes

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Why waste time and energy on unfocused action..?

Why pin your hopes on generic approaches that fail to focus directly and deeply on the specific root causes of braking friction in your unique situation?

Instead take focused, pragmatic and highly effective action that's 100% tailored to the circumstances and constraints of your organisational reality.

Cut directly to the chase with an approach based on more than 30 years of real-world application in organisations across Europe, Asia and the US.

Which stage of evolution is your organisation at?

Getting Moving

Performance is below par and senior people keep having to intervene to get things back on track, leaving little time for more strategic activities....

It can be very tempting to simply ratchet up pressure. But do this without eliminating the sources of braking friction, and organisational stresses will mount until something breaks - with potentially disastrous consequences...

Getting Ahead

Performance is broadly on track, but you know that in an increasingly competitive world you'll get run over if you just sit there...

Senior people focus on raising organisational value creation to the next level - discovering what that means for us, and the conditions that must be created to raise the organisation's game to that level...

Staying Ahead

Continuous innovation as a way of life is required to survive and thrive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) reality...

Senior people focus on cultivating the awareness, mindsets and behaviours of everyone in the organisation to create ever-increasing value, tangible results and sustained long-term performance...

Eliminating braking friction is vital at all three stages

By looking at your organisation through the lens of braking friction, you see with much greater clarity exactly where you need to intervene.

Of all the many misalignments in the organisation, you can now see the critical ones causing the braking friction that's holding everyone back.

This clarity enables you to take highly focused, pragmatic action to eliminate braking friction so you can all get moving, get ahead and stay ahead.

Discover how to eliminate Braking Friction in 20 minutes

Get FREE access to my tutorial video and find out how to get the brakes off in your organisations, teams and working relationships

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