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Welcome to my senior executive's 20-minute video guide to eliminating braking friction in your organisations, teams and working relationships.

The video describes:

  • how braking friction adversely affects your customers, employees and the organisation as a whole;
  • why braking friction arises - at root cause level;
  • why traditional one-size-fits-all, so-called 'best practice' training, development and consulting so frequently fails (due to not eliminating braking friction);
  • how to decode the specific root causes of braking friction in your own unique organisational situation (so you can take focused, pragmatic, high-leverage action to eliminate it);
  • how one client organisation was able to eliminate braking friction so effectively that they started to drive, not be driven by, the market.

If the video triggers any questions about how you'd go about eliminating braking friction in your organisation, please do get in touch via the contact form or email me.

There won't be any surprise invoices, unsolicited sales calls or pressure to hire me, just an opportunity to explore what's on your mind and consider some options.

Until next time, all the best...

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