Getting Started

For more than 30 years I’ve helped senior executives throughout Europe, Asia and the US take focused, high-leverage, pragmatic action to build innovative agile organisations.

Innovation and agility must cultivated over time, not designed and rolled out in a big bang, all-or-nothing DNA transplant. But the time that takes is minimised by leveraging the core insight that 'organisational culture' is simply the system of mindsets forming and informing people's awareness of 'the way we do things round here'.

Applying this insight to creating a culture of innovation enables you to take low-risk, high-leverage, pragmatic action. You can 'put a toe in the water' by committing to nothing more than exploring whether the approach might be useful in your unique organisational reality.

This allows you to take tentative steps in a spirit of curiosity with an attitude of learning, without the risk of triggering defensive behaviours, negative side-effects or unintended consequences.

It also allows you to avoid becoming 'locked in' to any approach, provider, or indeed to any further action at all.

One of the first questions I'm often asked when senior executives see the potential of this approach is "How would we get started?". They've been burned by consultants before, finding themselves locked into a specific approach or supplier that ends up, whether intentionally or accidentally, spiralling out of their control.

What they want, understandably, is a way to test out the approach in their organisation to see if it's a good fit without the risk of ending up locked into a course of action and further investments that, once started, can prove hard to stop.

In response to this I've put together a one and a half day working session that enables new clients to get started for a fixed fee of £9,750 or $12,500 (plus travel and accommodation expenses and VAT where applicable).

This includes:

  • Preparatory conversation(s) with the sponsoring senior executive(s)
  • Clarifying the approach described in the series of short video on the About page
  • Enrolling and engaging the first one or two Key Instigators
  • Overview of the six core Key Instigator character traits** that encourage others to adopt innovative mindsets
  • Exploring how, where and how much the organisation is currently held back by the Five Fatal Habits*** 
  • Reviewing the objectives, approaches and outcomes of earlier change interventions for deeper insights
  • Identifying potential Key Influencers and mindsets to be explored and shifted by Key Instigators 
  • Developing an outline plan for Key Instigator next steps

To explore whether a Getting Started working session might work for you and your organisation, please get in touch via the Contact page. There won't be any surprise invoices, sales calls or pressure to hire me – just a chance to connect, explore your challenges and look at possible ways forward.

* Key Instigators are internal change catalysts who already have, or have a natural inclination to develop, '2D3D' innovative mindsets. They speed up the adoption of innovative mindsets and act as 'boots on the ground' for decoding the hidden logic of the system of mindsets forming and informing 'the way we do things round here'. 

** Six core character traits are commonly shared by the most effective key instigators. As part of the preparatory conversations we'll explore potential candidates based on these traits and identify one or two to participate in the Getting Started working session.

** Five Fatal Habits consistently kill most organisational attempts to improve innovation and agility. You can get my senior executive guide to overcoming these habits as a free bonus by registering to receive my free weekly emails with bite-sized information, inspirations and insights from more than 30 years helping senior executives throughout Europe, Asia and the US to build innovative agile organisations. To register, click the orange button in the panel below.

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