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For more than 30 years I’ve helped people throughout Europe, Asia and the US take focused, high-leverage, pragmatic action to build innovative agile organisations.

Creating a future-fit culture of innovation and agility is an iterative process, not a one-off 'big bang' event designed and rolled out in an all-encompassing 'soup to nuts' mega project. But that doesn't mean that it necessarily takes a long time to make significant progress.

The fastest and most effective way to create a culture of innovation and agility is by learning to see 'organisational culture' as the system of mindsets forming and informing people's awareness of 'the way we do things round here'.

This insight enables, encourages and empowers people to take low-risk, high-leverage, pragmatic action. Rather than announcing a huge (and to most people very scary) 'strategic transformation project' you can 'put your toe in the water' and fine tune the approach to suit your unique organisational reality.

This allows you to take iterative, progressive steps in a spirit of curiosity with an attitude of learning without the risk of triggering defensive behaviours, negative side-effects or unintended consequences.

It also allows you to avoid becoming locked in to any specific methodology, outside support, or indeed to taking any further action at all.

I often work with senior executives who've been burned before by working with traditional consulting firms and where, whether by accident or design, they ended up sucked into ever-growing commitments that spiralled out of their control.

I help sponsoring executives to identify, develop and work with internal change champions through a more organic, internally led, guided and delivered approach to transforming their organisation that eliminates the risk of ending up locked in to a course of action and further investments that, once started, prove hard to stop.

Every organisation is unique and starts with different conditions, ambitions and constraints. I work with sponsoring executives and internal change champions to co-evolve a uniquely tailored approach with them that includes:

  • Preparatory conversations with sponsoring senior executives
  • Enrolling and engaging internal change champions 
  • Clarifying key insights from the introductory videos
  • Overview of the six core character traits that encourage adoption of innovative mindsets
  • Reviewing the objectives, approaches and outcomes of earlier change interventions for deeper insights
  • Identifying potential Key Influencers and mindsets to be explored and shifted by Key Instigators 
  • Developing an outline plan for Key Instigator next steps

To explore how you might get started in your organisation get in touch via the Contact page. There won't be any surprise invoices, sales calls or pressure to hire me – just a chance to connect, talk about your challenges and look at possible ways forward.

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