Raising Awareness

For more than 30 years I’ve helped people throughout Europe, Asia and the US take focused, high-leverage, pragmatic action to build innovative agile organisations.

As well as advising, coaching and supporting sponsoring executives and internal change champions to build innovative agile organisations in practice, I also speak, present and publish on why most efforts to build innovative agile organisations fail, how traditional consulting firms are a major part of the problem, and how organisations can take low-risk, high-leverage, pragmatic action to ensure their efforts are successful.

My experience of raising awareness of innovation and agility (I&A) includes:

  • Explaining the vital importance of I&A and how it can be cultivated but not engineered
  • Revealing why hiring a traditional consulting firm hinders I&A instead of helping
  • Teaching and coaching on the low-risk, high-leverage, pragmatic way to cultivate I&A in practice
  • Conducting seminars, conferences and retreats  on I&A related themes
  • Creating and publishing public and private multimedia I&A learning and development resources
  • Writing features, articles and posts on I&A for publication in print and online media
  • Addressing internal and off-site meetings on I&A related topics
  •  Presenting on I&A webinars, podcasts and through other online media channels  

To explore how I can help you raise awareness of why and/or how to build an innovative agile organisation in a low-risk, high-leverage way, get in touch via the Contact page. There won't be any surprise invoices, sales calls or pressure to hire me – just a chance to connect, explore your situation and look at possible ways forward.

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