For more than 30 years I’ve helped senior executives throughout Europe, Asia and the US take focused, high-leverage, pragmatic action to build innovative agile organisations.

I help my clients take low-risk, high-leverage, pragmatic action by seeing 'organisational culture' as the system of mindsets that forms and informs people's awareness of 'the way we do things round here'.

Seeing culture in this way allows you to understand and get to grips with the specific mindsets that trap people in old attitudes and behaviours that increasingly stifle, smother and strangle the organisational ability to survive and thrive.

Decoding this hidden logic allows you to take action that's precisely and deeply tailored to the unique circumstances, conditions and constraints of your organisational reality.

I provide advice, guidance and coaching in three main areas: Raising Awareness of why and how to build innovative agile organisations; Getting Started on a transformation journey that's fully under your control and highly attuned to your specific organisational reality; and Building Momentum so you overcome blocks and barriers encountered on your journey by taking low risk, high leverage action to move forward at your own pace.

Raising Awareness

I work mostly with senior executives who already aspire to building innovative agile organisations but I also speak, present and publish to raise awareness of the need to build such organisations and how to take low-risk, high-leverage, pragmatic action to make it happen in practice.

Getting Started

Every organisation has its own unique journey to becoming innovative and agile. That's why 'one size fits all' so-called 'best practice solutions' inevitably fail.  I help senior executives get started so they rapidly achieve clarity and confidence around their unique way forward without 'betting the farm'.

Building Momentum

Each organisation experiences 'quick wins' and unanticipated challenges. I support clients in several ways to help them build momentum by consolidating successes and overcoming the obstacles, blocks and barriers unavoidably encountered on their specific unique path to innovation and agility.

My approach is proprietary, based on three decades of insights, skills and experience of working fluidly across the following traditionally separate professional service disciplines:

  • Management Consulting - generating real, tangible business benefits
  • Executive Coaching - helping individuals cultivate their authentic strengths
  • Learning Facilitation - enabling collective cooperation and combined commitment
  • Executive Education - equipping senior people with new insights and skills for success
  • Public Speaking - creating wider understanding of needs, challenges and conditions for success

In addition to the above:

  • From 2003 to 2007 I partnered with Professor Lynda Gratton of London Business School to lead peer learning groups of senior executives and HR professionals from large firms with European operations.
  • From 2010 to 2015 I served as Special Advisor, Innovation Leadership on the faculty of  Duke Corporate Education (voted the world's number one provider of custom executive education education in the FT rankings from 2010-2014).
  • In 2007 I formalised my executive coaching skills on Europe's leading EQA, EMCC and AoC accredited business coaching masters programme.
  • From 2009 to 2015 I was UK Director on the Global Leadership Team of the Society for Organisational Learning (SoL).
  • In 2010 I worked with Former UK Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen to establish the Daedalus Trust, a UK registered charitable trust researching hubris in leadership and served on the Advisory Board from 2010-2017.
  • I am a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET).
  • I am a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, manufactures and commerce (FRSA).

You can find out more about me or connect on LinkedIn here.

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